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An Award Winning Foot Care Specialist

StEPS Podiatry offer a wide range of foot care services, that support the needs of the entire family.

Following a service re-design in the NHS a few years ago, general Podiatry is now not delivered on the NHS. StEPS Podiatry offer a fully comprehensive foot care service that is easily accessible and cost effective. We pride ourselves on challenging the traditional paradigm of chiropody care, and offer a patient centred approach that is preventative and curative. We aim to support the foot care needs of all of the family, from movement disorders in children, verruca, ingrowing toenails and footwear advice, to corns, callous, cracked heels, fungal nails and bunions, to diabetic foot care, arthritis and sports injuries.

StEPS Podiatry is synonymous with evidence based medicine and clinical excellence, and all of our assessments and treatments are based on clinical research which have been shown to be the most effective. Furthermore, we actively carry out our own in house audit and research to continuously ensure the delivery of treatments that are the gold standard.

Who We Work With

Alzheimer Scotland
arthritis research uk
diabetes uk
Scottish Athletics
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